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New partner Trivector

We are  happy to announce that Trivector is now a  TJS partner. Not only will the bring a speaker to do a demo about electric-bikes. They will also bring their A-Team to the hackathon and more.

Don’t miss the chance to maybe be able to hack with their clever hackers. Click here to register as a hacker.


About Trivector

Trivector consists of one parent company and four subsidiaries – each specializing in a particular area. Trivector Traffic carries out consulting, research and development within the area of traffic and transportation. Trivector System develops, sells and maintains IT systems for vehicles, signposts and management for public transportation.

New partner Øredev

We are happy to announce Øredev one of our partners. Pär Sikö, Conference manager and programmer will demo Google Glass and show us real life applications for Glass that most people haven’t thought of.

Upon that Øredev will bring their own hacker-team, where they will hack on our api:s for the Google Glass.

logo-oredev- blue

About Øredev

Øredev is the Premier developer’s conference in Europe focused on the whole software development process. Øredev means Quantity and Quality, bringing the best speakers on subjects such as Java, Web development and Testing. We cover the topics you are working with today as well as the ones you will be using tomorrow!

At Øredev, we believe in Sharing Knowledge, which is why we bring together developers and programmers, web heads, testers, hackers and geeks, enterprise developers and managers, entrepreneurs, activists, designers, project and IT managers, trainers and educators in one place. We create an atmosphere for learning, exchanging experiences, and having fun!

Let us introduce: Chander Chawla

He’s back.


We are thrilled to announce one of the first keynote speakers at the Traffic Jam Session. All the way from Silicon Valley and experienced mobile ecosystem veteran.

On Tuesday the 27th he will share his experience within innovation and how it affects the industries that we are seeing today, let us introduce: CHANDER CHAWLA.

Chander has lived in six countries, worked in every area of the mobile ecosystem and is a renowned multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, predictive thinker. Chander has spent the past 20 years living and breathing the mobile industry. His global accomplishments include commercializing disruptive mobile technologies and running a $600M business at T-Mobile USA.

He is the Founder and CEO of Mjedi, an award winning organization, which envisioned the convergence of social media, retail, and mobility. Leading the Mobileincubation division at National Semiconductor, Chander conceptualized and brought one of the first wearable devices to market.

Currently, Chander is working on his new venture Friend in Cloud and is advising the silicon valley startups focused on wearable devices.

Don’t forget to sign up, and remember all of this is FREE. Don’t miss an opportunity like this, it might never come back.

To read more about Chander: here is a few articles from the Forbes:

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