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Thank you for hacking!

Hackers, sponsors, mentors, speakers, partners and everyone participating in Traffic Jam Session: THANK YOU!

In May, 2014, the event Traffic Jam Session was held at Medea – a research centre for collaborative media at Malmö University. With the objective of creating ideas for the future of public transportation, a number of concepts having ‘data’ as their material were born.

The concepts
One of the objectives of the event was to explore ideas for the future of public transportation. During three days of hacking, 10 fantastic concepts were born.

Cocomute – commuting social
Can I fit – counting passengers in the next bus
PingPal Meetapp – considering travel time when meeting up with friends
Enaks – combining your Jojo-card with the Skånetrafiken App
Time to go – what time the next train or bus leaves
In Time – Realtime analysis of bus information
GoBike – bluetooth enabled cadence tracker
EscapeCompass – explore your city in unexpected angles
Write on this wall – create physical landmarks with virtual discussion forums

In-depth presentations of the concepts will follow soon…

Tiffany St James – Connectivity Lab Live 2012

Inspiration from Connectivity Lab Live 2012: Tiffany St James

In December 2012, Medea hosted Connectivity Lab Live, a two-day hackathon exploring innovative prototyping in the field of connected devices and digital media. The event gathered visionaries, designers, programmers, makers and other creative minds for ideas and inspiration, talks, workshops, exhibitions and a 24-hour prototype challenge.

Tiffany St James is a social media strategist, trainer and international speaker, advising governments and industry on embedding social media and digital engagement in global businesses.

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