Youth Innovation Workshop

We are keen to create a one-day workshop that would capture young minds and facilitate and develop their ideation and exploration skills on a real-world problem – How can we bring public transportation into the future? 

The workshop would be designed to identify and tap into the unique strengths of the young participants. Participants would get the opportunity to work in a variety of constellations (solo, pair, group/team) and as young entrepreneurs would be coached from ideation to outcome (e.g. visual mockups, lo-fi prototypes, posters, …). The workshop would be characterized by fun, energy and creativity. It is not a Hack. It will Inspire and It will Rock.

This part of the Traffic Jam Session is hosted by InnoCarneval and Foo Café. 20 youngsters will work together to decipher future concept for public transportation.

Registration for this part of the hack is done through Foo Café.

The ideas developed will be presented at the InnoCarneval in Malmö 13-15 november 2014 at Malmö Mässan.

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