Help us define the future of biking!

Öresund Smart City Hub is a partner of Traffic Jam Session,  and they are interested in the future of biking! Data sets related to biking, collected by the City of Malmö, will be made available at Traffic Jam Session.

Credit: Flickr user Fabrizio Sciami CC:BY-SA
Credit: Flickr user Fabrizio Sciami CC:BY-SA

If you’re interested in hacking biking, you should sign up for Traffic Jam Session, May 27-29.

Öresund Smart City Hub writes:

For most people in the Oresund region, biking is either used as the sole mode of transport or to connect to public transport.  The life of the cyclist in Scandinavia is constantly being improved through technology. Giving priority to cycles at traffic lights or navigation based on smartphone apps is making it easier for the cyclist to get around. Cyclists are able to travel longer distances more easily too, since technology is enabling the integration of bikes into the overall public transport system.  A fundamental change is taking place, whereby the status of the bike as a mode of transport is being radically upgraded. Challenging traditional views of the bike’s role in traffic planning is opening up a whole new range of products and could well unlock an industry potential in biking.

Öresund Smart City Hub collaborative project between municipalities, regions and cleantech clusters in Denmark and Sweden.