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Traffic Jam Session is an innovation challenge where we prototype the future of public transportation.

All hackers, creators, makers and thinkers are invited to this exciting event that will give 36 hours of insight into the future of public transportation.

The event will be the first chance to get a glimpse of new technologies and get access to the systems and content that can revolutionize the way we travel. We will create new concepts, services, and experiences based on data and tech provided by our partner organizations.

The event will be made up of two tracks: a hacking track that will allow technologists and creators dedicated time and unprecedented facilities to prototype and a second track for non-technical problem solvers to participate in talks, workshops and more.

By bringing together great thinkers, a strong design philosophy and new technology the event will culminate in a showcase of prototypes that may be taken forward by MEDEA and/or its partners at a later date.  Each project created at the event will have it’s moment to shine in front of experts and decision makers from the industry and the region.

Prototypes taken forward for final development will be rewarded SEK 15.000. Technology and content will be the core of what makes our hackers successful. Read terms & conditions

Times and practicalities – The hack starts at 9.30 on the 27th of May and ends with a Gran Finale on the 29th. You are expected to contribute all three days but you are not demanded to work all night. We just want you all to achieve your best and have a great time!

We are asking our partners to chip in so you all get something to eat during these days.

If you do want somewhere to sleep please post this on our facebook page and we are sure there are plenty of nice people who will hear your yelp for help.

Technology and content will be the core of what makes our hackers successful.  Confirmed partners for providing technology and content feeds include:

  • Skånetrafiken
  • Mapillary
  • Mobile Heights
  • Malmö Stad
  • Minimum Viable Device
  • Öresund Smart City Hub

Some of this technology will be available exclusively at TJS or for the first time anywhere!

We hope to announce more technology partners as we get closer to the date.  Contact us if you have technology to provide or want to partner in another way.

Hackers will have unprecedented access to technology demonstrations from the people who created it as well as an opportunity to collaborate with expert technolgists provided by MEDEA and our partners.


You can register as an individual or as a team. If you register as an individual we will match you into a well-balanced team that you will meet on the 27th.

From the 25th of April we will regularly upload new API:s and relevant tech info. So you can already now start playing with concepts and ideas. All significant API:s and tech info will be uploaded no later than the 21st of May

Data is changing our world. Weather the data comes from social networks, the smartphone in your pocket, from companies, non-profit organizations, or governmental institutions – combined with digital tools, it can be used for developing new and innovative products, services, and experiences.

The aim of the challenge is to propose answers to the question: How can we bring public transportation into the future? We are very interested in ideas and concepts for applications, visualizations, and services that use data flows as their material – but also explorations into how the Minimum Viable Device system could be applied to tackle real-world challenges.

The outcome of the process really depends on your interest. If you are a graphical designer, we would love to see you contributing with visual mockups and ideas. If you know how to build things with your hands, then a lo-fi prototype would be amazing. If you know how to crunch numbers in spreadsheets, it would be amazing to see novel ways to analyse and interpret those numbers. We hope to see a wide range of ideas made in different mediums, from printed posters to working technical prototypes.

The event will be held at Medea, Malmö University.


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