New partner Øredev

We are happy to announce Øredev one of our partners. Pär Sikö, Conference manager and programmer will demo Google Glass and show us real life applications for Glass that most people haven’t thought of.

Upon that Øredev will bring their own hacker-team, where they will hack on our api:s for the Google Glass.

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About Øredev

Øredev is the Premier developer’s conference in Europe focused on the whole software development process. Øredev means Quantity and Quality, bringing the best speakers on subjects such as Java, Web development and Testing. We cover the topics you are working with today as well as the ones you will be using tomorrow!

At Øredev, we believe in Sharing Knowledge, which is why we bring together developers and programmers, web heads, testers, hackers and geeks, enterprise developers and managers, entrepreneurs, activists, designers, project and IT managers, trainers and educators in one place. We create an atmosphere for learning, exchanging experiences, and having fun!