APIs and data sources

General tools for the hackathon

  • NodeJS – generic tool for server side javascript processing.
  • Arduino – development platform for
  • Processing – Android, Windows, Mac programming platform.
  • Android SDK – SDK for the android platform.

Map Services

Some APIs requires authentication before usage. The most common standard is OAuth 2.0. There are libraries and implementations, for most programming languages, that handles this.

Data providers and resources

The database with the exclusive data is available at ddwap.mah.se with the database name ab5645. Password for the database is printed on the document sheets on the tables at the hackathon venue.

Some data providers gives access to data not available to the public, but will be accessable here at Medea.

Local data is accessed through a MySQL database at address ddwap.mah.se (database name: ab5645) and other data can be downloaded from Box at https://mah.app.box.com/trafficJam.

Some languages has MySQL connectors installed while some don’t. If you need a connector please see http://www.mysql.com/products/connector/.

You are not restricted to only these resources. Consider them more as leads for where to start looking if you’re short on ideas.

Name Description External Documentation
Skånetrafiken Public transportation in Skåne WebpageDescription of Skånetrafiken’s Open API Read more
Skånetrafiken [Exclusive for TJS]
Public transportation in Skåne
No Read more
Minimum Viable Device [Exclusive for TJS]
Hardware component for communication between objects
Webpage Read more
Malmö Stad [Exclusive for TJS]
The city of Malmö
No Read more
Lunds Stad [Exclusive for TJS]
The city of Lund
No Read more
Transportstyrelsen [Exclusive for TJS]
The Swedish Transport Agency
No Read more
Trafiklab Collection of public transportation APIs Webpage Read more
RejsePlanen Public transportation in Denmark Webpage Read more
Mapillary Crowdsourced street views Webpage Read more
Skjutsgruppen Car pooling with an API PDF Read more
Hållbar Mobilitet Skåne [Exclusive for TJS]
Regional center for sustainable mobility.
No Read more
Copenhagen Open Data Open data from Copenhagen municipality Website Read more
IBikeCPH Danish, open source, bike route planner Webpage, GitHub Read more
Pingpal Instant and secure positioning and communication service Webpage, Download SDK
Read more
SMHI Weather forecasts and actual observations Webpage Read more
Flightstats Global, aggregated, flight statistics Webpage Read more
Twitter Online social networking and microblogging service Webpage Read more
Facebook Online social networking service Webpage Read more
Instagram Photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service Webpage Read more