Hållbar Mobilitet Skåne

Hållbar Mobilitet Skåne (HMSkåne) is a regional center for sustainable mobility. They are working to reduce environmental impact of transport and travel to get more people to choose more sustainable options. HMSkåne is a regional collaboration between Region Skåne and Trafikverket Region Syd.

RVU (Resvaneundersökning, travel habits survey)

Hållbar Mobilitet Skåne has shared their RVU for 2007. The recorded data is in SPSS files and in the table skane_rvu_2007_individ and skane_rvu_2007_resa at the database (ddwap.mah.se database name ab5645) The data is also available as SPSS files at [LINK TO BOX]. For a description of variables please see Skåne RVU 2007 documentation.