Malmö Stad

Exclusive for Traffic Jam Session

Malmö Stad has given access to some really interesting data.

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See Karolina’s presentation here Karolina Huss, Traffic Jam Session Presentation.

GIS data

Malmö has shared some of their GIS data for Traffic Jam Session. At our box account you will find data regarding the roads, bike routes and bike parkings in Malmö. There is also data from traffic counts (bikes and cars).

Bike accidents

In the database ( database name ab5645) you can find all reported bike accidents i Malmö for the years 2009 to 2013. The data comes from STRADA which is a GIS based system. The table name is malmo_bike_accidents. For a description of the accident types please see STRADA accident type explanations.

Bike counter

Malmö has a bike counter at Kaptensgatan, which is available in the database ( database name ab5645) . The traffic is recorded per hour in both directions. L1 (largest in the morning) is towards the central station and L2 is the opposite direction (largest in the afternoon). The table name is malmo_bike_count.

RVU (Resvaneundersökning, travel habits survey)

Malmö has also shared their RVU for 2003 and 2008. The recorded data are in SPSS files and in the tables malmo_rvu_2003_ind, malmo_rvu_2003_resmalmo_rvu_2008_ind and malmo_rvu_2008_res. The data is also available as SPSS files in the Box. For a description of variables see the pdf’s listed below.

For more information see

Bicycle Data and Application Inventory

Also make sure to check out this document which describes different data sources, tools and applications that exist today and that could be valuable when creating new services and applications.

The database with the exclusive data is available at with the database name ab5645. Password for the database is printed on the document sheets on the tables at the hackathon venue.