Mobile Heights – Minimum Viable Device

The Minimum Viable Device project (MVD) has the aim to create a de facto standard for communication between objects – for supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) realisation.

MVD will lead to a shorter development time from idea to implementation for connected devices and services.

The device is represented in a mobile phone at the hack and can be accessed through

Bus data

The table mvd_bus_data in the database at database name ab5645 includes data gathered from a TI sensor tag on a number of bus rides. Includes the following columns:

  • tag – text tag describing the dataset

  • time – time stamp

  • id – id of the sensor, a guid for each individual sensor

  • type – the sensor type as described below

  • data – sensor data depending on the sensor type, see the documentation of the different data sets

The MVD people were out on a bus trip and put together five digital trips using Mapillary. See the trips on the Mapillary website.

The database with the exclusive data is available at with the database name ab5645. Password for the database is printed on the document sheets on the tables at the hackathon venue.