Skånetrafiken is the public transportation in Skåne.


Documentation: and Description of Skånetrafiken’s Open API

A SOAP/XML-based API that requires an API key.


  • Search departure and destination points
  • Travel choice search
  • Search stop/station
  • Stops around a given point
  • Departure times from stop/station
  • Transport types
  • Coordinates for traveling on map

HTTP GET (click the link to see response)

Local data

Exclusive for Traffic Jam Session.

Skånetrafiken has also given the TJS hackers access to data never released to the public.


At you can download the road network for Skåne and the Öresund region. This data contains, among other things, road names, bike paths, bus lanes, walking paths, speed limits and length. There are two sources available, NVDB (NVDB_skane_polyline) from The Swedish Transport Administration and one that Skånetrafiken uses internally (VagnatRKM_polyline). For more information read Skånetrafiken description of GIS data.

Traffic planning data (Rebus, XML)

Rebus traffic planning system that Skånetrafiken uses. Data from Rebus is available at For a complete list of the data and descriptions read Skånetrafiken Rebus data description. Some of the files are very large but there are smaller samples of the data in the folder examples. The full data set is in the folder xml.


Skånetrafiken has also given access to some interesting train data. In the database ( database name ab5645) you can query data from the tables below.

Travel planner logs

st_travel_planner_logs, contains data regarding searches that have been made with Skånetrafikens travel search service. The data is also available as log files, here. For more information see Description of Journey Planner Searches log file from Skånetrafiken.

Train GPS logs

st_train_gps_logs, contains recorded data from trains during their journey. The data is sent from the trains in real time to Skånetrafiken. For a description please see Description of Skånetrafiken GPS data.

Bus GPS logs

st_bus_gps_logs, has GPS logs from Skånetrafiken’s buses. Columns are: PositionMessageLogID, TerminalID, VehicleName, PositionTime, Latitude, Longitude and Speed (knots).

Bus lines

The table st_qlikview_line has data about bus lines in Skåne. Read Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description for a description.

Bus stop points

st_qlikview_stoppoint, has data about stopping points in Skåne. See Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description for a description.

Bus stop times

st_qlikview_stoptimes, has arrival and departure information. The table only contains a sample of all the data. The complete data set is available at the TrafficJam Dropbox, it is ~4,5GB uncompressed and contains ~27,8M lines. See Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description for a description.

Bus puncuality

st_qlikview_punctuality, has monthly aggregated punctuality data since January 2010. For more info read Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description.

Bus tickets

st_qlikview_boarded, has ticket data. The data is a sample from the larger data set which is available at the TrafficJam Dropbox. For more information see Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description.

Bus point names

st_qlikview_pntnum, has names for points mapped to other QlikView data. See Skånetrafiken Qlikview bus data description.

Bus vehicle data

st_bus_vehicle_data, has data regarding all buses that Nobina has for Skånetrafiken. Among other it contains registration number, motor type, manufacturer, number of doors, number of seats, length, width, height and weight.

Bus vehicle placement

st_bus_vehicle_placement, contains data regarding when buses should be at specific points.

Bus accidents locations

st_bus_accident_locations, is a table with number of bus accidents in a specific location.

Bus last inspection

st_bus_last_inspection, has data regarding each bus’ last inspection and mileage at the inspection.

Bus last service

st_bus_last_service, has data regarding each bus’ last service and mileage at that point.