Skjutsgruppen, the ridesharing API phenomenon = TJS friendship made for each other


We are happy to present the non-profit ridesharing-movement with over 41 000 users around Sweden and Europe – Skjutsgruppen. They strongly believe in dialogue and good communication and therefore the conversations are extremely active between ridesharing. We ridesharing because it’s better for the environment, cheaper and very very fun. Skjutsgruppen believe that ridesharing covers all forms of environmentally friendly joint travels, so if you search you’ll see all public transportation in Sweden and even individuals offering or asking for a ride.

The Skjutsgruppen API allows you to integrate ridesharing wherever you want, on your own website or in your own app: Welcome to our movement and please send a hello to @skjutsgruppen on Twitter.

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Need a ride for Traffic Jam Session? Visit the dedicated Skjutsgruppen TJS page: