Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between you (the Participant) and the Traffic Jam Session event partners. We agree as follows:

  • Each of us, individually, is free to use any programming concept shared, discovered, or created during the Traffic Jam Session event.
  • Each hacker hereby grants a full, non-exclusive, free license to the other hackers to use any code or binaries from the above project. This means that each hacker, individually, is free to use anything  created for the project above as part of a separate larger project with a significant amount of additional functionality.
  • In the event of a concept developed by a hacker team who wants to take the concept further, each team memeber takes reasonable efforts to come to a new joint agreement with the goal of creating a separate entity to manage and develop the project further.
  • In the event that any concept presented at the Show and Tell of the Traffic Jam Session (TJS) are taken to full and final development by anyone of the The TJS partners, a payment of SEK 15,000 shall, on the time of public release, be provided for the right to use the idea to the group who developed the initial idea.

This contract is inspired by Contract for hackers who hate contracts.