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chander-150x150Chander Chawla:
The Innovation Challanges

Straight from Silicon Valley – Chander has spent the past 20 years living and breathing the mobile industry. His accomplishments include commercializing disruptive mobile technologies and running a $600M business at T-Mobile USA. He will talk about the challenges of innovation, read more.

xKzepJan Erik Solem: Mapillary

In this demo Jan Erik will show how to use Mapillary data and photos using public APIs. First a brief demo of how the service works (apps, website, what kinds of data are created), then a deeper dive into embedding Mapillary photos and navigation in your application using widgets, and how to get the photos and data using the Mapillary API.

MarieGFMarie Gustafsson Friberger: Good Measure AB

Marie will talk about how to create games from open data into enable playful exploration and learning. Marie is a senior lecturer in computer science at Malmö University and conversion rate optimizer at Good Measure.

Par_SikoPär Sikö: Øredev

On painless commuting with Google Glass. In this session you will learn how Google Glass works and how you can benefit from them in different work related situations. Øredev is the Premier developer’s conference in Europe, bringing the best speakers on subjects such as Java, Web development and Testing. We cover the topics you are working with today as well as the ones you will be using tomorrow!

A_KrohnAndreas Krohn: Dopter

This API guru of Sweden will give everyone an idea of what can be done with APIs as well as give good ideas of what APIs that can be used in the hackathon projects.

Andreas Krohn is an API Specialist at Dopter AB in Helsingborg, Sweden. He has been working with APIs and mashups for the last 6 years and is currently consulting in the use, development and promotion of open APIs as well as regarding the business strategies involving using open APIs. Andreas also teaches courses in the use and development of APIs as well as speaks regularly about the subject. Furthermore he blogs at, the leading Swedish blog about APIs.

Johan_LarsbyJohan Larsby: BlackBerry

Straight from BlackBerry – Johan will tell you how to color your data for better interfaces. For UX and graphical designers targeted at coders on how to make usable and graphically pleasing interfaces. Choosing colors, creating space for UI elements presented in such a way that a coder understands why some colors go better together.

Ericsson Mobile PlatformsBjörn Ekelund: Ericsson

The transformation of life, universe and everything – Our planet is facing a transformation bigger than the introduction of railways, electricity, or even the internet. Over the coming decade, ICT will transform public as well as private sectors and have fundamental impact on our daily lives.  In the future, everything that benefits from being connected, will be – the Networked Society. Countries, regions, and companies embracing it already today will thrive and stand out from those who don’t. With its concentration of creative innovators, incubators, universities, research institutes, and seasoned entrepreneurs, Skåne is in a unique position to take a lead.

Björn Ekelund works as the Head of Ecosystem and Strategy at Ericsson Modems in Lund. He also hold a position as Head of Device Technology Strategy at Ericsson in San Jose, US. Björn sits as a board-member in several organisations within the ICT industry and holds several patents all over the world.

Bogdan_TudosoiuBogdan Tudosoiu: Mobile Heights

The IoT evolution is right in front of us, where we will go from billions of connected people and devices, to hundred of billions. Everything will be connected to the web and we talk about big data, but is big data big enough? How are we going to make it but, how can we ensure quality and at the same time check privacy and security aspects? All of this calls for a technology and mentality shift in the way people interact with other people as well as with devices.

CTO for Mobile Heights in Lund, and has led various engineering teams in companies such as Sony and HTC, was HTC’s Europe Corporate Strategy Officer and has been involved in mergers and acquisitions – one of the largests, a $300 million investment. Founder of several technology oriented companies and runs advanced concept projects for Sony Erisson, Sigma Connectivity, and Mobile Heights in Sweden.

Fredrik_BeckmanFredrick Beckman: Pingpal

The Secure Communication and Positioning Service or –  How to get military grade encrypted privacy protected self-destructing communication!

Like Snapchat or WhatsApp on steroids for ANY app developer or organization. Simple implementation and low cost traffic subscriptions means great ROI. In reality this means that we are re-creating the casual off-the-record conversation, like for instance a tête-à-tête, on Internet and mobile communications. We protect all private or corporate communication, chats, image sharing, video calls, positioning, etc. Communication and positioning are supposed to be a dialog between two people, not something that is stored and mined for marketing, competition or political reasons.

Ulrika-BokebergUlrika Bokeberg:
Kollektivtrafikmyndigheten i Västra Götaland

Combined Mobility – a natural part of a green and smart lifestyle. Trends are pointing towards a shift in how we choose to live,  travel and own things. Sharing economy, streaming music, films and watching tv on demand, we buy food through internet, young families stay in the cities, to ride your bike is considered trendie and cool, we demand to be connected to internet 24-7. Our mobiles are our phones, our camera, our social media device and is becoming our wallet. All these trends support sustainable mobility and strengthens the role of public transport! How can we go with this flow? Examples of activities we are involved in and some ideas and wishes for the future.

erki_saluveer kopiaErki Saluveer:

The digital agenda have had top priority in Estonia since 1992 which – according to The Economist – has made this small country the world leaders in digital technology. CTO Erki Saluveer and his dedicated team at Positium provides solutions to understand mass human mobility using anonymous raw mobile location data from mobile network operators helping with challenges such as commuters-, tourists-, pedestrian- and bike traffic patterns.

Öresund Smart City Hub have brought Erki to Traffic Jam Session to talk about “Turning mobility big data into meaningful information” and will among other be talking about his latest project collaboration with Endomondo.

Erik StigellErik Stigell: Trivector

VIA: SKYPE The interest in cycling as a sustainable urban mode is growing all over the world. How could different parts of society cooperate to increase cycling, make cycling more comfortable and cities smarter?
Dr Erik Stigell is an expert in active transport and health, especially walking, bicycling and commuting at the Swedish consultancy Trivector Traffic.

erik hedenErik Heden: Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity believes in a world where everything that can benefit from being connected, is connected. We also believe that the demand for advanced technology will spread from mobile products and into other industries.

Erik will talk about the challenges in realizing Internet of Things and why it is so important to not only talk technology.

Erik is working with technical strategies and business development at Sigma Connectivity in Lund. He has more than 15 years’ experience within product development of mobile communication products in Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Sony, where he has led and launched several multimillion dollar projects.


Tom Rye: K2 Lund University

Professor and Head of Transport Planning at the Division of Transport and Roads at LU. He is also working at K2  Sweden’s new National Knowledge Centre for Public Transport.  His specialisms are transport training, mobility management, transport policy evaluation and implementation, parking policy and planning for slow modes of transport.

Defining the Needs!

In the beginning of the event, Tuesday morning, we are presenting four speakers who will provide us with their perspective on the needs for future solutions in regard to public transportation:

  • Skånetrafiken – Martin Güll

  • The City of Malmö – Christian Resebo

  • Öresund Smart City Hub – Karolina Huss

  • Mobile Heights – Bogdan Tudosoiu


…and more speakers are to be announced… preferably women!